Technology and Machinery

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Both in the quarry and the plant, MANCHAMAR is firmly committed to the use of the most advanced technologies and the most modern machinery, which help to simplify and improve the extraction and production processes in ways that benefit the end result, the finished product. In the quarry, the machinery used consists of diamond wire, cutting and sampling drill, perforators, heavy machinery, loading shovels, dumper and hand-saw for horizontal cutting. The diamond wire provides a faster cutting speed and is easier to operate. In the plant, the technology used is still the traditional water cooled diamond cutting disc. Most of the facilities and the machinery in thez MANCHAMAR plant are relatively new, with between 2 and 3 years of operation. Despite this, in its commitment to R&D programmes, MANCHAMAR is starting to use laser cutting machines, a technology that will play an important role in production processes in the future, making these more cost-effective.


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